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House rules House rules

House rules

So as to ensure a pleasant stay and eliminate any possible misunderstandings, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our house rules. Once your reservation is confirmed, this implies that you are familiarised with all of the points below and agree with them, and that you will comply with them in their entirety. Any failure to comply with the regulations under these house rules could result in the cancellation of your booking, and the charging of the full price for your stay, regardless of any potential eviction.

- In order for the host to report your stay, on arrival at the accommodation unit guests must hand over the personal documents for all persons (passports or personal IDs), and pay the remainder of the amount for the accommodation.
- If you decide to end your booked stay sooner, you are still obligated to pay the agreed total price of the booking.
- If you have booked an apartment, please ensure your arrival no earlier than 2pm.
- On the date of your departure, we ask our valued guests to leave the apartment no later than 10am. A stay of any longer will necessitate a payment for one additional day. All guests are obligated to leave the rented facility in the same condition in which it was found on arrival – tidy and undamaged.
- If on the date of his/her arrival our guest is due to arrive at the booked accommodation later than 8pm, he/she is obligated to call the owner of the facility in advance to advise of the late arrival so as to avoid a situation where the host, under the assumption that the guest is not coming, allows other guests to stay at the accommodation unit.
- The guest may bring pets into the accommodation unit, but only with the permission of the host. Bringing pets without advising of this in advance during booking is NOT allowed, and in such an instance the owner reserves the right to cancel the guest’s accommodation.
- Guests are obligated to look after their possessions and any valuables that may be left in the accommodation units, and the owner is not liable for their potential disappearance. At any time when guests are leaving the accommodation, they must be sure to lock the door and close the windows.
- Guests are responsible for the order and cleanliness of the accommodation, and they are obligated to maintain it. The host is not obligated to clean and tidy up during the their stay, or to take out garbage from the accommodation unit.
- The host shall change the bedding every 7 days, and towels every 4 days.
- It is not permitted to bring into the accommodation unit any weapons, highly flammable or explosive items, substances with a strong or unpleasant aromas, or any devices for the preparation of food (stoves etc.) or other similar electrical devices (fans etc.) without the permission of the owner.
- The guest is obligated to notify the host in the event of any disappearance or damage of any of the installations, furnishings, devices or apartment equipment. In cases where the disappearance or damage is the guest's fault, the guest is obligated to compensate the owner according to the appropriate value.
- It is forbidden to remove any devices or equipment (towels, sheets etc) from the apartment.
- 11pm to 7am is to be observed as a time of nighttime rest, and from 2pm to 5pm is to be observed as a time of afternoon peace. We kindly ask the guests not to make any noise during these times.
- When going out from the accommodation unit, the guest must close the shades, turn off the light, any electric appliances or gas installations, and turn off the taps. It is especially important to ensure that the air condition is not left on unnecessarily while the guest is NOT in the accommodation unit, and not to use it with open windows and doors. It is also forbidden to discard rubbish in the toilet bowls, sinks or similarly inappropriate places.
- In the case of booking accommodation at the facility in the style of “Robinson tourism”, the guest is obligated to save water and electricity, or he cannot use devices that use large volumes of electricity (iron, hairdryer etc) without the consent of the owner.
- It is strictly forbidden to allow entry to persons who are not users of that accommodation. If any persons that are not registered or announced during booking are discovered, the host and the agency reserve the right to cancel the accommodation for all guests. Guests from other apartments in the house, or from another house that is not under the ownership of the host, are not entitled to stay in the accommodation unit without expressed approval.