Biograd na Moru is a small town with a small old centre, free from bustling crowds and traffic. Along its entire coast stretch beautiful beaches connected by a newly built promenade, which boasts a multitude of cafes, restaurants and various tourist promotions. Only 25 kilometres from Zadar, Biograd has exceptionally good connections with all the major cities, both in Croatia and abroad, thanks to Zemunik Airport, which is only 15 minutes away by car.

Biograd is the perfect place for a holiday for those wishing to forget the everyday stresses, worries and problems. The beautiful sea with views of the picturesque Pašman Channel, and the multitude of greenery both on the mainland and beneath the sea, truly makes this royal city the central pearl of the Adriatic crown.

Occupying a central position on the map of Croatia, a visitor to Biograd also has the opportunity to get to know other beauties of this area. In the immediate vicinity are no less than three National parks: NP "Kornati" – an island group that will take your breath away; NP "Paklenica" in the hills of Velebita – for all those who want to inject the spirit of adventure into their holiday; NP "Krka" – limestone waterfalls of the River Krka for those who want to experience fresh water, and these ones can also indulge in a visit to NP "Plitvička jezera" for which the drive is slightly longer, but definitely well worth it. The "Vransko jezero" nature park is also not far from Biograd, and it is the largest natural lake in Croatia – definitely worth a visit!

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